Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies

ISTANBUL 16 – 17th  SEPTEMBER, 2014

16th September 2014, Tuesday

Opening Speeches and Plenary Session: 9.00-12.45

 Conference Hall, 8th floor, Fine Arts Building

8:30-9:00              Registration

9:00- 9:15             Welcome Speeches :      

Nedret Kuran-Burçoğlu, Conference Convener, YTÜ

Ahmet İnce, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, YTÜ

Ahmet Aydın, Vice Rector, YTÜ

9:30-11:00           Plenary Session I:            Chair: Nedret Kuran-Burçoğlu   

1st Keynote Speech: Joep Leerssen, University of Amsterdam    

A European Auto-Image? Extrapolating from Eurocentrism

2nd Keynote Speech: Zrinka Blažević, University of Zagreb

Global Challenge: (Im)possibilities of Transcultural Imagology

11:00-11:15         Coffee break

11:15-12:45         Plenary Session II:           Chair: Luc van Doorslaer              

3rd Keynote Speech: Nam Fung Chang, Lingnan University

Self-Image and Norms in Source-Initiated Translation in China

4th Keynote Speech: Leo Chan Tak-hung, Lingnan University

Hana yori dango (Boys over Flowers):

Translation/Adaptation in East Asia and the Globalization Thesis

12:45-14:15         Lunch break

Afternoon Parallel Sessions: 14.15- 17.30

Green Hall, Rectorate Building

14:15-15.45         Session III a: Transferring Cultural Images: Translation Strategies I

                                Chair: Leo Chan Tak-hung

  • Soheir Gamal Mahfouz, Aspects of Intercultural Politeness in the English Translation of the Qur'ānic Sūra “Al-Kahf” (The Cave)

  • Zeinab Nasrollahi, Official and Non-official Subtitling in the Age of Information Flow

  • Chunbai Zhang, The Use of China English in a Globalised World


Blue Hall, Rectorate Building

 14:15-15.45        Session III b: Transferring Cultural Images: Ideology and Ethics I

                                Chair: Peter Flynn

  • Natalia Kamovnikova, A Time to Identify and a Time to Refrain from Identities: Interpreting in the Globalised World

  • Ivana Prijatelj Pavičić, History and Ideology in the Works of Sibenik Goldsmith and Engraver Horatio Fortezza


15:45-16:00         Coffee Break

Green Hall, Rectorate Building

16:00-17:30         Session IV a: Transferring Cultural Images: Translation Strategies II

                                Chair: Ayça Şapçı

  • Hüseyin Yurtdaş, Globalisation and Literary Translation: The Role of Standardization and Commodification

  • Duygu Tekgül, Reading Cultural Images on Translated Book Covers: An Empirical Study with British Readers


 Blue Hall, Rectorate Building

16:00-17:30         Session IV b: Transferring Cultural Images: Ideology and Ethics II

                                Chair: Mine Yazıcı

  • Reza Pishghadam & Nasrin Ashrafi, A Dynamic Approach to the Translator’s Chaotic Identity:  An Ethical Perspective

  • Stenni Milevoj Šuran, Ngugi Wa Thiong'o and Chinua Achebe on the Politics of Language and Literature in Africa

  • Lubna Bassam, Code-switching in SMS Messages of Young People in Lebanon as a Socio-cultural Self-translation Tool

17:30-19:30         Cocktail Reception

17th September 2014, Wednesday

Morning Parallel Sessions: 9.00-12.45

Green Hall, Rectorate Building

9:00-10.15           Session V a: Transferring Cultural Images and Stereotyping

                                Chair: Mediha Göbenli

  • Mehrnoosh Fakharzadeh, Doing the Right Thing or Doing the Thing Right: How Linguistic Choice and Translation Stereotype Iranian Religious and Secular People

  • Eva Refsdal, Translation and Reception: Stereotyped Representations

  • of Latin America in 1960s Norway

  • Marija Todorova, Images of the Western Balkans in Children’s Literature in English Translation


Blue Hall, Rectorate Building

9:00-10:15           Session V b: Transferring Cultural Images through Film and Theatre

                                Chair: Charles Daniel Sabatos

  • Pieter Boulogne & Elke Brems & Stephanie Vanasten, From Reetveerdegem to Paris and Moscow: The Transfer of Cultural Images through Film Adaptation and Audiovisual Translation

  • Martin Cyr Hicks, On the Adaptation and Globalisation of Ken Scott’s Starbuck: Insights on the Multiple Images of Multiculturalism

  • Gülşen Sayın, Interchange between the National and the Transnational: Translation, Representation and Reception of Martin McDonagh’s The Lieutenant of Inishmore in Turkey

10:15-10:30         Coffee Break

Green Hall, Rectorate Building

10:30-12:00         Session VI   Construction and Transfer of Cultural Images in the Media

                                Chair: Ebru Diriker

  • Lucile Davier, News Translation as a Vehicle for Cultural Stereotypes:

    The Image of Switzerland in Two Newswires

  • Lillian Guth, Translating Gender Images in International Lifestyle Magazines

  • Kais A. Kadhim, A Semiotic Analysis of the Translation of  Syrian News Texts into English: Demonstrating an Image of Others

  • Caterina Bosco, Translation, Pseudotranslation & Adaptation of Disney Comics

  • into Italian Language and Culture


12:00-13:30       Lunch break

Afternoon Sessions: 13.30- 17.30

Conference Hall, 8th  floor, Fine Arts Building:

13:30-15:00         Session VII :    Transferring Cultural Images: Paratexts and Diplomacy

                                Chair: Akile Gürsoy

  • Suna Suner, Theatre and Theatricality in the Ottoman Diplomacy to Imperial Vienna in the Eighteenth Century

  • Else R.P.Vieira, The Role of Translation in the Literature Produced by Brazilians Abroad

15:00-15:15         Coffee Break

Closing Session: 15.15-16.15

Conference Hall, 8th floor, Fine Arts Building

15:00: 16:15        Chair: Suat Karantay

  • Joep Leerssen

  • Nam Fung Chang

  • Zrinka Blažević

  • Suat Karantay

  • Peter Flynn

  • Luc van Doorslaer

  • Leo Chan Tak-hung

  • Nedret Kuran-Burçoğlu


  • (Optional) dinner at Villa Bosphorus, Çengelköy, shuttle to depart  from the Rectorate at 18.00h  and return to Campus at 23.00h.